August 26, 2012

View your foretaster e-mails within Google Calendar

Some people are surprised to discover that foretaster is e-mail based. We believe e-mail is great because it doesn't stand in your way and lets everyone use his/her own user interface (e-mail client).

My favorite e-mail client is Gmail and I have recently started using it with Zapier, a service which allows you to integrate Gmail with other services. I've set-up a trigger, so that every foretaster email I receive will be added to my Google Calendar.

If you'd like to try it, use this "Zap" and select all emails from Zapier then checks (every 5 minutes or so) for a new foretaster e-mail and when it finds one, it creates a new event in your Google Calendar.

This gives you a pretty useful overview of all your conversions in time. You could, for example, use this to optimize your marketing campaigns based on day parting.

Try Zapier + foretaster and don't forget to leave a comment with a feedback!

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