July 19, 2012

Use CompeteMonkey to follow changes on other websites

When you sign up to foretaster, we'll send you a small piece of a JavaScript code, which you have to add to your website.

Obviously, we wanted to know, when someone adds our JavaScript to their website so we've built a service (at the beginning for internal use only), which sends us e-mail alerts about the websites we follow.

We call it CompeteMonkey.

If an users stops using foretaster, we'll receive an e-mail alert for that too! This doesn't happen that often, but if it does, it's better to find out quickly. We then send a message to the owner of the website, asking for feedback.

We've decided to monitor other services, too. Sometimes I receive an alert saying that some website deleted not only foretaster, but also other service (such as CrazyEgg in the screenshot below). And most of the time it happened by mistake.

Later on, we realized that this could be a great tool for every marketing consultant, who manages e.g. Google Analytics accounts on behalf of the client. It's quite unfortunate having to write a client after two weeks, saying that the JavaScript has been removed by mistake and and that you've lost two weeks of data. (this happens more often then you'd think!)

As the name suggests, the last use case is spying on your competition. The services your competitors use can tell you a lot about their business strategy and plans!

You can start using CompeteMonkey right now. Just sign up here. It's free to use!

You can also follow CompeteMonkey on Twitter: @competemonkey

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