May 7, 2012 How to use foretaster to quickly identify which marketing channels work for your startup is a web service which helps small businesses to manage their projects. It is a startup still looking for efficient marketing channels and trying to identify the niche of its customers.

I was talking to Roman, the guy behind Getquantify. He is also a happy customer of foretaster. Just look how happy he is :-)

After our long chat at one of Prague's Starbucks I've identified 2 important questions, which foretaster helps answer for him:
  1. There is a bunch of paid app listing services, where you can add your startup with a description and a link to your website. But are they worth it? Roman paid few hundreds $ for 1-year listing at one of them. With foretaster is very easy to see, if this listing helps to bring new customers. And it didn't work for Getquantify. So will Getquantify invest more money in other app directories? Probably not.
  2. foretaster sends an email with visitor's story when they fill all registration fields at and continue to PayPal. But not everyone will finish the signup. foretaster helps to identify these people, show where they came from and for how long they were coming back to making it easier for Roman to follow-up them by email.

I also asked Roman about the most interesting finding for him from foretaster emails:

"My customers usually visit many many times for long period of time (weeks) before the payment. I really thought, that people are deciding faster."

this post was written by Peter

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