December 6, 2011

foretaster is now in private beta

Last week I was invited to speak at the Internet je Sexy conference about "How and why measure data on the web".  I also showcased some screenshots of foretaster:

We have quietly launched private beta earlier this week, so this is probably the right time to tell you more about our product.

How foretaster works?

Any online business faces the same challenge - how to get more customers. Actually, the real challenge is how do you decide what to do to bring the visitors to your website. Maybe you decide based on an article you read about how you absolutely have to be on Facebook or you do AdWords because your previous business had good results with paid search. In other words, you just guess.

foretaster helps you discover which combination of marketing channels works for you

photo by flickr

The minute one of your visitors completes a predefined action (he/she signs up, makes a purchase or fills out a form), foretaster will send you an email visualization of the "story" behind this customer. No useless metrics, just the good stuff:

  1. each circle represents one single visit of this customer
  2. volume of the circle represents an amount of time x number of pageviews per visit
  3. distance between circles represents the time between two visits

Very simple & bullshit free. You only need a few seconds to get an idea about which marketing channels work for you (and which don't). 

This is particularly helpful when you need to decide where to put your money and effort in the future.

Where do I sign up?

To start using foretaster you need to signup and place a small piece of JavaScript code (ugrrr...) on your website.

The number of available private beta seats is limited as we don't want to show an unfinished product to too many people, we also try to select only people who we believe might benefit from it the most.

Thank you for patience.


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