November 10, 2011

Simple Tag - simplify URL tagging with our tool

Perhaps you tag your blog post links before you share them on Facebook or Twitter. Or links inside your monthly newsletter. Perhaps you do, but most people don't.

Why they don't do it?
  1. they don't know why to tag links
  2. they don't know how to tag links
People who know why and how, probably use URL Builder tool by Google:

If you understand why it's a good idea to tag links, but don't know how (or find it tedious), you might like this simple tool we've built.

Just paste a link and click one of the buttons. It does most of the work for you! No need to think about what to put into medium, source or campaign fields.

Welcome to Simple Tag:

We made Simple Tag for us, but we are delighted, that other people started using it too!

You can follow Simple Tag for updates here: 

Many thanks to DavidMartinPeterJuraj, Mojmir and Pavel for their feedback!

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