August 26, 2012

View your foretaster e-mails within Google Calendar

Some people are surprised to discover that foretaster is e-mail based. We believe e-mail is great because it doesn't stand in your way and lets everyone use his/her own user interface (e-mail client).

My favorite e-mail client is Gmail and I have recently started using it with Zapier, a service which allows you to integrate Gmail with other services. I've set-up a trigger, so that every foretaster email I receive will be added to my Google Calendar.

If you'd like to try it, use this "Zap" and select all emails from Zapier then checks (every 5 minutes or so) for a new foretaster e-mail and when it finds one, it creates a new event in your Google Calendar.

This gives you a pretty useful overview of all your conversions in time. You could, for example, use this to optimize your marketing campaigns based on day parting.

Try Zapier + foretaster and don't forget to leave a comment with a feedback!

July 19, 2012

Use CompeteMonkey to follow changes on other websites

When you sign up to foretaster, we'll send you a small piece of a JavaScript code, which you have to add to your website.

Obviously, we wanted to know, when someone adds our JavaScript to their website so we've built a service (at the beginning for internal use only), which sends us e-mail alerts about the websites we follow.

We call it CompeteMonkey.

If an users stops using foretaster, we'll receive an e-mail alert for that too! This doesn't happen that often, but if it does, it's better to find out quickly. We then send a message to the owner of the website, asking for feedback.

We've decided to monitor other services, too. Sometimes I receive an alert saying that some website deleted not only foretaster, but also other service (such as CrazyEgg in the screenshot below). And most of the time it happened by mistake.

Later on, we realized that this could be a great tool for every marketing consultant, who manages e.g. Google Analytics accounts on behalf of the client. It's quite unfortunate having to write a client after two weeks, saying that the JavaScript has been removed by mistake and and that you've lost two weeks of data. (this happens more often then you'd think!)

As the name suggests, the last use case is spying on your competition. The services your competitors use can tell you a lot about their business strategy and plans!

You can start using CompeteMonkey right now. Just sign up here. It's free to use!

You can also follow CompeteMonkey on Twitter: @competemonkey

July 13, 2012

Simple web analytics tool for travel agencies (case study)

Our idea at foretaster was to create a super simple yet powerful web analytics tool for web services (SaaS). After a while, we've noticed that foretaster is also used by numerous lead generation sites.

And quite a few of them are travel agencies. Namibia Tours Safaris offers safari tours in Namibia and surrounding countries and they use foretaster to analyze new leads on their website.

Ian Rowett, who is responsible for the marketing at Namibia Tours Safaris said this about foretaster e-mails:

"The emails are great for multi-channel attribution where before we could only attribute the last touch to the lead, now we can see where users first came to the site and what they did after that leading up to the conversion so it's very useful."

Here are some practical insights Ian gets from foretaster:

1. With foretaster it's easy to identify hot leads. Ian can immediately see, that the new lead is from Namibia and the person was searching for lodge nearest to the eastern gate of etosha on Google. He can then follow up with a more personalized message.

2. Ian also uses foretaster to better understand the decision making process of his clients. Safari tours are not exactly cheap - people need some time before they fill out the inquiry form on the website.

At first, they may search for "tours in namibia" on Google.

Sometimes they click on the Adwords ad.

Customers need hours or even days to decide.

And the final reservation of safari tour they finish during the visit from Tripadvisor (review site).

Or when they come from social networks like Facebook.

foretaster gives Ian a deep understanding of the story of every customer.

Still not using foretaster? Sign up now!

May 7, 2012 How to use foretaster to quickly identify which marketing channels work for your startup is a web service which helps small businesses to manage their projects. It is a startup still looking for efficient marketing channels and trying to identify the niche of its customers.

I was talking to Roman, the guy behind Getquantify. He is also a happy customer of foretaster. Just look how happy he is :-)

After our long chat at one of Prague's Starbucks I've identified 2 important questions, which foretaster helps answer for him:
  1. There is a bunch of paid app listing services, where you can add your startup with a description and a link to your website. But are they worth it? Roman paid few hundreds $ for 1-year listing at one of them. With foretaster is very easy to see, if this listing helps to bring new customers. And it didn't work for Getquantify. So will Getquantify invest more money in other app directories? Probably not.
  2. foretaster sends an email with visitor's story when they fill all registration fields at and continue to PayPal. But not everyone will finish the signup. foretaster helps to identify these people, show where they came from and for how long they were coming back to making it easier for Roman to follow-up them by email.

I also asked Roman about the most interesting finding for him from foretaster emails:

"My customers usually visit many many times for long period of time (weeks) before the payment. I really thought, that people are deciding faster."

this post was written by Peter

April 26, 2012

foretaster doesn't show the keywords from Google. Why?

When you receive a foretaster e-mail with customer's flow which contains Google search, you usually see the search term (keyword) just underneath the circle. But sometimes there is no keyword ... why?

When people search using (notice the s after http, meaning secure => https) and/or they are logged into their Google accounts, Google does not provide data about the search terms (keywords).  At the moment, this is the case for about 20-30% of all searches.

You won't be able to see these keywords even in Google's own Google Analytics.

Read more about this issue at the Google Official Blog.

February 6, 2012

Simple Tag, 2 months after launch

We've launched Simple Tag - a dead simple tool for URL tagging and a great alternative to URL Builder by Google, more than 2 months ago.

Initially, we built it just for us but later decided to share it with everyone! And we're glad we did, as well as many users and marketing agencies who use Simple Tag on a daily basis.

Most used buttons after 2 months:

If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you at

Is this your first time you've heard about tagging? Try Simple Tag right now. You can also follow Simple Tag on Twitter.

January 16, 2012

How to add your website to foretaster

We've noticed that some of our new users haven't completed all the steps of  foretaster's sign up process. They got stuck at the goal/conversion URL address - or put in layman's terms, the URL address on your website where your visitors become customers.

Let's explain this on a well known service - Twitter.

After you sign up for Twitter you are redirected to a "Welcome Page" which has an unique URL address. The only way you can end up on this URL is after you've signed up for Twitter.

This (!/welcome/intro) is the goal/conversion URL address you would enter into foretaster if you were from Twitter, Inc and wanted to track your sign ups using foretaster.

And that's it.

If you still can't figure this out OR you need to use regular expressions, get in touch with us at and we will see if we can help.